The InSight Program

At Champlain, we don’t leave your success up to chance. To best prepare you for your future, we created a thoughtfully designed InSight Life Skills Program for you which will:

  • Prepare you for the job of your dreams,
  • Prepare you for a life with financial safety, and
  • Ensure you create habits for healthy living.

The InSight program—along with the Core curriculum and your major—is the third component of Champlain’s multidimensional career-focused education. InSight offers you a series of SMARTalks (career workshops), MONEYtalks (financial seminars), Signature Events, employer-facing experiences, and coaching sessions focused on helping you achieve success in these three distinctive areas. These experiences are well-integrated into the student experience, especially when facilitated by members of our student team.

Over four years, InSight will teach you the skills to make sure you know how to:

    • chase after (or identify, pursue, etc) the job of your dreams
    • articulate your personal values and strengths with an impressive value proposition
    • take charge of your finances, including your budget, investments, and credit
    • plan your student loan repayment strategy before you graduate
    • strengthen your coping skills, adaptability, and overall sense of happiness and wellbeing
    • and live a life with full ownership and confidence

                    Champlain College’s 3D Education Model                                                              The 3-Pillar InSight Model



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